Thursday, June 29, 2006

ENG words

yegg \YEG\ noun
: safecracker; also : robber
  • safecracker n. 保險箱竊賊
Example sentence:
"[Her] attorney does admit that his client had developed 'platonic' relationships with two cons, a couple of yeggs named Ollie and Marvin, but only to gather information." (Fort Collins Coloradoan, December 6, 2002)
  • platonic a. 理想的、不切實際的
  • con n. 騙子、詐欺者
undertaker \UN-der-tay-ker\ noun
承辦喪葬者=funeral director(<-比較常用) 1 : one that undertakes : one that takes the risk and management of business : entrepreneur *2 : one whose business is to prepare the dead for burial and to arrange and manage funerals 3 : an Englishman taking over forfeited lands in Ireland in the 16th and 17th centuries
  • forfeited adj. 被沒收的
    • forfeit v. (因失職、違約、犯罪等而)喪失(權利、名譽、生命等)
    • forfeit n. 喪失的東西、沒收物、罰金
Example sentence:
The undertaker offered the family several choices of coffin for the burial service.
teleological \tel-ee-uh-LAH-jih-kul\ adjective
: exhibiting or relating to design or purpose especially in nature

Example sentence:
"What is the true purpose of life's voyage?" wrote John R. Illingworth in 1907, posing what he termed "the great teleological question."

  • teleology n. 目的論= the study of ends and purposes
  • teleologist n. 目的論者
kinetic \kuh-NET-ik\ adjective
1 : of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith
*2 a : active, lively b : dynamic, energizing
3 : of or relating to art (as sculpture or assemblage) having mechanical parts which can be set in motion : of or relating to kinetic art
  • therewith ad. 與此(有關的)
  • assemblage n.
    • 裝置藝術
    • 集合在一起的人或物 He is one of the assemblage.
    • 聚會、集會
    • 裝配、裝置 the assemblage of parts of a machine
Example sentence:
The dancers infected the audience with their fierce kinetic energy.

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