Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ENG words

cavalier \kav-uh-LEER\ adjective
(n. 騎士、騎兵)
1 : debonair
*2 : marked by or given to offhand and often disdainful dismissal of important matters
  • debonair 無憂無慮的
  • offhand 即席的,不假思索的
    • 即席演說 impromptu speech
  • distainful 污辱的,貶低價值的
    • distain v. 汙辱
  • dismissal n.
    • 解散、打發走
    • 開除、解雇
    • [法律】撤回訴訟
  • dismiss v.
    • 解散、打發走
    • 開除、解雇(+from)
    • 【法律】駁回、不受理
Example sentence:
"I'm tired of the cavalier way you brush off my concerns," Mom said, "so I'm taking away the car keys until you start listening to me."
  • brush off 置之不理
nidus \NYE-dus\ noun
1 : a nest or breeding place; especially : a place or substance in an animal or plant where bacteria or other organisms lodge and multiply
*2 : a place where something originates, develops, or is located
  • lodge 寄宿
Example sentence:
The college, with its focus on human ecology, is widely known as a nidus of environmental activism.

  • nidification n. 營巢(the process of building a nest)
  • nidicolous a. 【鳥】孵化後留在巢中一個時期的(reared in a nest)

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