Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ENG words

mettlesome \MET-ul-sum\ adjective
: full of vigor and stamina : spirited
  • vigor 精力、活力
  • stamina 精力、活力
Example sentence:
The mettlesome bronco kicked and bucked, but the rider kept his balance and rode him out.
  • bronco 美國野馬
  • buck v. (馬)猛然彎背躍起(The horse bucked the rider off)
  • ride out 安然度過(We were confident that we would be able to ride out the storm)
chouse \CHOWSS ("OW" as in "cow")\ verb
: cheat, trick

Example sentence:
In Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities, Mr. Cruncher says, "If I ain't, what with piety and one blowed thing and another, been choused this last week into as bad luck as ever a poor devil of a honest tradesman met with!"
  • piety n. 虔誠(They were drawn to the church not by piety but by curiosity)
slugabed \SLUG-uh-bed\ noun
: a person who stays in bed after the usual or proper time to get up; broadly : sluggard
  • sluggard 懶惰蟲、懶人
Example sentence:
Rather than be a slugabed for her entire vacation, Jeanne made it a goal to rise at 6:00 AM and go for a jog every morning.

  • slug 蛞蝓、動作遲緩的人/生物
  • abed 在床上= in bed

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