Sunday, May 28, 2006

ENG words

paparazzo \pah-puh-RAHT-soh\ noun (複數paparazzi)
: a freelance photographer who aggressively pursues celebrities for the purpose of taking candid photographs
  • freelance 自由作家(或演員等)
  • candid
    • 【相片】偷拍的
    • 公正的
    • 坦率直言的
Example sentence:
As a child star she had been constantly pursued by paparazzi, but only a single photographer showed up at her 21st-birthday bash.
cerebrate \SAIR-uh-brayt\ verb
: to use the mind : think

Example sentence:
Jane is apt to cerebrate at length before making even minor decisions.
  • apt to 傾向於
  • at length
    • 最後,終於
    • 詳細的
  • cerebrum 【解剖學】大腦
  • cerebration 大腦活動、精神活動
  • cerebral
    • 大腦的
    • 理智的、有智力的
travesty \TRAV-uh-stee\ noun
1 : a burlesque translation or literary or artistic imitation usually grotesquely incongruous in style, treatment, or subject matter
*2 : a debased, distorted, or grossly inferior imitation
  • burlesque
    • a. 拙劣的模仿的
    • n. 滑稽作品
  • grotesquely 古怪的,怪異的
  • incongruous 不相稱的、不合宜的 (+with)
  • debased 降低品質的
  • grossly 非常地
Example sentence:
The new movie is a travesty of a documentary, likely to appeal only to the lowest sense of humor.
apple-polish \AP-ul-pah-lish\ verb
*1: to attempt to ingratiate oneself : toady
2: to curry favor with (as by flattery)
  • ingratiate 迎合
  • toady
    • v. 奉承、拍馬屁
    • n. 奉承者
  • curry favor with 拍馬屁
Example sentence:
Edna really wanted the internship working with the professor over the summer, so she took his course and apple-polished a bit.

  • apple-polisher 馬屁精
  • bootlicker 馬屁精

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