Sunday, July 02, 2006

ENG words

festinate \FESS-tuh-nut\ adjective
: hasty

Example sentence:
"Even [the company's] successes . . . are vestiges of 1990s thinking. They may halt a festinate death, but you don't build a company around them." (Fritz Nelson, Network Computing, August 21, 2000)
  • vestige n. 遺跡、殘骸 vestige of ancient religion
    • (否定)一點兒、絲毫 not a vestige of truth
ensky \in-SKYE\ verb
: exalt
  • exalt v.
    • 使升高、高攀
    • 提拔、提高 exalted to the position of president
    • 讚揚
    • 使得意、使喜悅 be exalted by the news
    • 令人興奮、使人得意
Example sentence:
"Her first appearance in evening dress was a revelation to me; she was my idol, enskied and sacred." (Frank Harris, My Life and Loves)
  • revelation n. 出乎意料的事、天啟、神示
  • sacred adj. 神聖的
quirk \KWURK\ verb
: curve, twist

Example sentence:
David quirked his eyebrow in perplexity at his companion's curious remark.
  • perplexity n. 困惑、茫然

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